Axial HQ

Bringing 30 years of experience to Uganda

The home of Axial’s headquarters based in Australia comes with a long history. Originally from the United Kingdom, the organisation moved its operations to Australia where it ran a practical Engineering facility as well as training students. With field-experts working alongside the students, the information exchange was constant and helped ensure first-class performance.
As the years have progressed and the college has formalised, qualification award-granting powers were conferred upon Axial College by the Australian government and the Institution developed its faculties and campuses to serve 6 locations. One thing did not change, though i.e. the information exchange and continual involvement of real-world and academic experts is still the cornerstone of maintaining first class performance.

Through the UK corporate office, Axial has provided a license for the Uganda partner college to operate with the Axial name and to enjoy British accreditations for further and higher education. The UK office administers the governance of Axial International College Uganda, which is also licensed (provisional) by the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE). This oversight from the Axial college group is the foundation we maintain to encourage the highest standards for students in Uganda.