Qualifications available:

Axial International College offers students leading BTEC/Edexcel UK accredited qualifications which are Internationally recognized as providing students with numerous academic, professional and career opportunities. Our 2 year Higher National Diploma and 6 months International Foundation Programme offers students the chance to start their higher education with us and complete at leading International Universities.

Higher National Certificate  (HNC)

HNC is level 4 of the BTEC and can be studied full-time over one year or part-time over 2 years and are suitable for students below 19+.

Students who achieve their HNC can progress to higher education, often directly into the 2nd year of a university degree programme. They can also move into a HND level 5 course, which offers a great level of specification in their chosen sector.

Additionally, HNCs provide opportunities for career progression and professional development for those already in employment.

Higher National Diploma (HND)

HNDs are usually taught on a full-time basis over two years,or over one year as a top-up from a HNC. They offer the opportunity to build formal work placements or part-time employment experience into the programmes. These programmes are designed for students aged 19+.

HNDs provide access to higher education, often directly into the 3rd year of university degree programme. They are also a robust platform for progression to, or within employment, or as a starting point for study toward professional body recognition.

Our students are required to complete 240 credits. 125 mandatory credits must be completed with the remaining 115 credits constituting of units designated by Axial International College to provide the most flexible progression positions for students.

The HND programme is ideal for qualifying students who want a recognized UK undergraduate qualification, or to kick start their careers through learning and applying both practical as well as academic experience and knowledge. Students who complete the HND can progress into many 3rd and final year University programmes in Internationally recognized programmes around the world.

Post Graduate Diploma

We also offer a 1 year of Master’s degree pathways (PGD) Edexcel BTEC Level 7 Post Graduate Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership after which one may progress to complete the final year of the MBA (Accounts, Marketing, Human Resource) or MSC in Strategic Management and Leadership at any University of one’s choice, which accepts Edexcel level  7 qualifications. The students have the option of completing the second year at the UK university campus or by distance learning, facilitated by Axial International College Uganda.

Short Course

These are suitable for  individuals that would like to improve on their work skills, and also want to pursue a passion. Other courses are also available and are constantly tailored to student and industry needs.


The leading UK accredited qualifications offered at Axial International College include the following programmes:

Business is one of our most popular programmes due to its international recognition and adaptability into nearly any industry. We prepare students to become leaders with entrepreneurial skills and qualities. Uniquely designed, the course incorporates accounting, finance, marketing, business strategy, operations management and other essential business-related areas.
The Hospitality industry is a huge and developing marketing in the East African region. The Hospitality Management course opens many opportunities in tourism, leisure, catering, hotel, and events management. The student will acquire important training in: customer service, resource management in hospitality, the developing manager, marketing in hospitality, entertainment industry venue management and so many more.
Computing and Systems Development course covers fundamentals of computing, information systems, databases, managing IT projects, software development, and advanced programs like Microsoft and Cisco.
Creative Media Production students will learn to critically engage the media industry in the areas of radio, journalism, moving images, computer game animation, and computer game design.
Travel and Tourism students learn the skills to excel in the travel industry learning aviation operations, Galileo reservations, fares and ticketing, and other skills useful in the airlines, hotels, cruise lines, and travel companies.
Art and Design program students specialize in any of the following areas; 3D Art, Fashion and Textiles, Interactive Media, Graphic Design, or Photography.