Facilities & Services

Course Flexibility
We cater for full time students, part time students, working professionals and vacationers wanting to upgrade their skills. We facilitate distance learning options to enable students to complete studies with international universities using our campus facilities and resources. We have a wide range of full time and part time programmes and short professional courses that suit everyone’s needs.
Teaching Standards
There are many ways in which Axial International College pushes the boundaries of quality higher education, and some of these include:
Accreditation Process
Axial International College - Uganda is a UK-accredited higher education institution licensed (PL0067) by the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE). The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual) is the government regulator of qualifications, examinations and assessments in the UK. For any institution of Higher Learning to deliver recognised UK qualifications, that institution must be approved under Ofqual regulations. For UK colleges of Higher and Vocational Education, such as Axial International College, Ofqual requires that an authorised Qualification Awarding Body (such as Edexcel UK) provides that college with accreditation under a set of national standards. To achieve and maintain the status of British Accreditation here at Axial International College, inspectors from Edexcel in London travel to our campus twice a year, to conduct Standards Audits. They also continually monitor the registration and results of each student at the college – as each student is registered directly into the system in the UK, as an International Student. It certainly isn't a simple process, but with years of experience as educators it's something we do proudly to ensure the highest quality of British education is provided in Africa. Axial International College Uganda campus is also accredited by the National Council for Higher Education (PL0067) and this accreditation is maintained through regular inspection and reports to ensure quality and suitability of programmes. The accreditation is for both the facilities and programmes, individually and severally.
Quality, Affordable Education
Axial International College has competitively priced tuition rates for prospective students seeking to attain a quality UK qualification as well as experience an international programme of study. We also have payment plan options available to prospective students and their sponsors.
Academic Strengths
Axial International College offers students leading BTEC/Edexcel UK accredited qualifications which are internationally recognised as providing students with numerous academic, professional and career opportunities.
Student Facilities

Our new International College in Kampala is a modern, purpose-designed campus located on Entebbe-Kampala Highway. Our campus offers state of the art modern IT and educational facilities including:
• A fully networked IT environment
• Computer Lab,
• Student lounge and 'student hubs' for discussing college-work and for socializing,
• Reference Library and reading areas, which truly makes the student experience at Axial International College a one of a kind in East Africa.
Student Services
At Axial International College we not only want to provide our students with the best facilities and tuition, but also the best in student services. We have a dedicated student advisory and support team, including a Student Services Office, where guidance and support is available for all students studying at Axial. We also seek to develop students' extracurricular experience with fun, student based activities. We encourage students to make the most of their learning experience so that they will be in the best position to enter the international environment at the end of their studies. Our student support services include
• Dedicated student support person for full time student support
• Dedicated student support lounge and facilities
• Professional in and out of class tutor support
• Career advice and progression assistance
At Axial International College, the student is assured of a wholesome learning experience which will prepare him/her for the 21st century working environment.